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Ceramic membrane industrial equipment

Product Details

Product introduction:

Bona ceramic membrane devices include ceramic microfiltration membrane equipment, ceramic ultrafiltration membrane equipment and ceramic composite membrane equipment. The industrial application of this series of equipment is very successful. This series of devices can replace the traditional clarification filtration, sterilization filtration, separation and partial concentration processes. What is different from the small ceramic membrane experimental equipment is the different treatment capacity. It is mainly used in industrial production. The specifications and models can be selected according to the demand.

Bona ceramic membrane tube has narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency and stable treatment effect; Good chemical stability, wide pH application range, acid, alkali, organic solvent and oxidant resistance; High temperature resistance, steam recoil regeneration and high temperature in-situ disinfection and sterilization can be used; Strong anti pollution ability, no secondary dissolution in the separation process, and no change in interception performance caused by membrane pore swelling; High mechanical strength, good membrane regeneration performance, and stable membrane flux after cleaning; Simple separation process, low energy consumption, simple operation and maintenance; Due to its long service life and many other advantages, Bona industrial ceramic membrane system has been successfully applied in many fields!


Main features of ceramic membrane industrial equipment:

◇ filter level

  High separation accuracy, optional filtering level, very stable treatment effect, and no change in interception performance after long-term operation. Ceramic membrane tubes of different filtration levels can be selected according to different needs of customers.

◇ flux and quality

  It can maintain long-term stable operation under high throughput, and the obtained products are of high quality. The traditional filtration method has the disadvantages of low clarity, incomplete sterilization, unable to produce continuously, high labor intensity and low product quality.  

◇ anti pollution and retention performance

  Strong anti pollution ability, no secondary dissolution in the separation process, and the product quality is guaranteed. Bona ceramic membrane tube is prepared by special process at high temperature. Therefore, the ceramic membrane hole will not dissolve and swell the membrane body or membrane hole due to long-term high temperature or acid and alkali system.

◇ high temperature resistance, wide pH tolerance range and good oxidation resistance  

  Bona ceramic membrane tube has good high temperature resistance, can handle high-temperature liquid, and can be regenerated by steam recoil and sterilized in situ at high temperature.

  It has high mechanical strength, wide pH application range, good acid, alkali, organic solvent and strong oxidant resistance, while some other inorganic membrane materials (such as stainless steel) are especially resistant to acid corrosion, so it is difficult to be industrialized for a long time in the acid system. Even if it is industrialized, its service life and retention performance will not be guaranteed for a long time.

◇ cross flow filtration mode, light membrane pollution and stable membrane performance

Bona ceramic membrane adopts a new cross flow filtration mode different from the traditional cross flow filtration. This filtration mode is not easy to form pollution on the membrane surface, which can effectively reduce the common phenomenon of concentration polarization in the membrane field and maintain the long-term stable high treatment flux of the system.

◇ membrane regeneration performance and service life

Bona ceramic membrane system can completely restore the membrane performance in a short time through simple cleaning. The membrane regeneration performance is very strong and the cleaning cost is low. Bona ceramic membrane has a long service life, which is several times or even dozens of times that of membrane components made of organic membrane materials.

◇ equipment investment and comprehensive cost

The one-time investment and long-term maintenance cost of Bona ceramic membrane system are much lower than that of other inorganic membrane equipment. The system has a high degree of process integration, simple operation and maintenance, each operation unit forms its own system, the membrane tube replacement is convenient, and the operation cost, operation cost, labor intensity and membrane replacement cost are very low. The use of ceramic membrane equipment will greatly reduce the comprehensive cost of products.

◇ system energy consumption and operation stability

Compared with the traditional process, the system can not only effectively reduce the cost, but also realize the long-term, stable and continuous industrial production of the system. The use of Bona ceramic membrane equipment can reduce the operation pressure of subsequent sections on the basis of improving quality and reducing cost, create good working conditions for subsequent sections, and lay a good foundation for the stable operation of equipment in this section and subsequent sections.

◇ manufacturing material and specification requirements

The membrane and auxiliary materials are pollution-free materials. The site is clean and hygienic, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and meet the requirements of FDA (or GMP).

◇ process design and control

The process design is standardized, which is jointly created by senior process designers, engineers and professional 3D designers. The system can realize full-automatic control, and can realize the simple conversion of manual control and automatic control according to the specific requirements of users.


Application fields:

Food and beverage: sterilization, clarification and filtration of wine, beer, cider and fruit juice

Condiments: sterilization, clarification and filtration of soy sauce and vinegar

Bioengineering: clarification and filtration of biological fermentation broth; Clarification and filtration of plant extract

Pharmaceutical Engineering: purification, concentration and separation of vitamins, penicillin, cephalosporin C and erythromycin; Clarification and filtration of traditional Chinese medicine extract

Petrochemical Metallurgy: clarification, filtration and impurity removal of heavy metal, strong acid and strong alkaline solutions

Environmental protection engineering: oily emulsion wastewater treatment and various sewage treatment; Landfill leachate MBR process; Recovery and pretreatment of various waste acids and alkalis


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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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