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Hollow fiber membrane small experimental machine

Product Details

product description:
The small hollow fiber membrane experiment machine (BONA-GM-20) can be replaced with various hollow fiber membrane elements (UF, MF) with molecular weight cut-off. It is widely used in the fields of biology, pharmacy, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., used in the process experiments of separation, purification, clarification and sterilization of material and liquid.


Hollow fiber membrane small experimental machine (BONA-GM-20)

Device parameters of the hollow fiber membrane small experimental machine:
Minimum circulation volume: 0.8L ;

Maximum working pressure: 0.4MPa;
Adapt to working temperature: 5~45℃ ;

Adapt to pH range: 2~12;
Maximum pump power: 130W;

Filtration rate: 1~10L/h;

Material tank:25L(Jacket);

Power supply:220V;
Equipment specifications: 400 (length) × 450 (width) × 650 (height) mm;
With automatic overpressure protection function, overpressure automatic shutdown
basic configuration:
A set of electromagnetic diaphragm pump, a set of stainless steel membrane module, a set of pressure sensor, a set of temperature sensor, a set of governor, a material tank, a pressure regulating valve, two membrane components (optional), and a set of overpressure automatic protection system; The automatic over temperature protection system consists of a set, equipment supports, chain clamps, pipes and their connectors.
Membrane element material: PES (polyethersulfone) PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
Membrane element specifications: Φ46×L305
Filter area: 0.45m2
Molecular weight cut-off: 1000D, 3000D, 5000D, 8000D, 10000D, 20000D, 30000D, 50000D, 100000D, 300000D, 500000D, 800000D, 0.22um, 0.45um

Description of equipment structure:

1. Membrane element: imported membrane element is adopted, and the configuration model of membrane element is 5kd, 10kd, 20kD, 50kd hollow fiber membrane element.

2. The flow range of the pump is completely configured according to the membrane surface flow rate of the sanitary grade membrane element, which can ensure that the experimental parameters selected by the experimental equipment can be directly put into industrial production.

3. Equipment power supply adopts double switch control, low voltage power supply can fully ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

4. With automatic overpressure protection function, overpressure automatic shutdown, ensure the safety of the use process; With temperature control module, over temperature automatic shutdown, to ensure the stability of materials in the experimental process; Can set high and low temperature alarm, automatic start and stop; Timing start stop function can be set;

5. All stainless steel welding adopts automatic argon filling protection, single-sided welding and double-sided forming. The internal and external surface quality of the pipeline is excellent, and there is no welding point in the pipeline in contact with the material, so as to ensure the pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment. The equipment is simple to operate, clean and sanitary, safe and reliable.

6. The double membrane can be used at the same time or alone.

Bona technical advantages:
1. Independently completed a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment projects, with rich experience;
2. Have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application with many years of technology development and engineering practice;
3. Professional technical support can be provided on-site to guide installation and commissioning;
4. Complete customer service system, regular return visits, and equipment quality is guaranteed;
5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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