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Three stage membrane filtration separation system

Product Details

Three stage membrane filtration separation system(BONA-GM-22-18-7)

Product parameters:

Minimum circulation volume: 1.5l/2l;

Applicable liquid volume: 5-50l;

The range of pH is 1-14;

Pump power: 4.75kw;

Allowable working temperature: 5-80 ℃ ° ℃;

Filtration rate: 3-20l / h;

Material tank: 5L jacket controllable;

Working pressure: 0.1-4.0mpa, adjustable;

Working pressure of ceramic membrane: 0-0.4mpa;

Working pressure of organic membrane: 0-6.5mpa;

Product features and process introduction:

1. Membrane element: the ceramic membrane element adopts the high-precision ceramic membrane element produced by Bona company, one for 0.4um, one for 0.2um and one for 0.05um; The organic membrane is equipped with imported membrane elements, and the organic ultrafiltration membrane elements 5okd, 2o0kd, 5kd, 3KD are equipped with one, and 10kd with two; There are 600D, 150D and 300D nanofiltration membrane elements. The membrane components meet the FDA, 3-A and USDA health standards;

2. The first stage ceramic membrane pump adopts the big meteor centrifugal pump, which must meet the membrane surface velocity of 4m / s. The second stage ultrafiltration membrane and the third stage nanofiltration membrane pump adopt the high pressure plunger pump imported from the United States, with frequency conversion control system, which can control the flow and pressure by frequency conversion; The flow rate and pressure parameters of the two-stage and three-stage membranes should be controllable, and the pressure can be kept stable at variable flow rate;

3. The first stage membrane is equipped with automatic recoil system, which can set recoil parameter program;

4. The equipment is equipped with flow sensor to measure the flow accurately, which is convenient for material balance;

5. The equipment is equipped with electronic digital pressure gauge and pressure sensor, with an accuracy of 0.4% FS, which can monitor the pressure before and after the membrane, ensure the accuracy of data, and overcome the defect of low accuracy of mechanical pressure gauge;

6. The equipment is equipped with temperature sensor, which can monitor the system temperature and realize the automatic shutdown of over temperature;

7. With automatic overpressure protection function, overpressure automatic shutdown;

8. It can be replaced with other types of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane components;

9. The device can disassemble and assemble the membrane module; Microfiltration, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration can be used in series or separately through pipeline switching. The pipeline connection adopts the screw union connection;

10. All stainless steel welding adopts automatic argon filling protection, single-sided welding, double-sided forming. The inner and outer surface of the pipe is of good quality, simple operation, clean and sanitary, safe and reliable. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful, easy to operate, and meets the requirements of health standard.

Basic configuration:

One domestic centrifugal pump, one high-pressure plunger feed pump imported from the United States, three SUS316L stainless steel membrane modules, four sets of electronic digital pressure gauges, four sets of pressure sensors, two sets of temperature sensors, five sets of material balance flow sensors, four sets of 5L jacketed material tanks, two pressure regulating valves, several matching valves, three ceramic membrane components and ten imported organic membrane components; There are one set of equipment chassis, one set of control cabinet, several chain clamps, pipes and their connectors, two sets of overpressure automatic protection system, two sets of overtemperature control system, one set of frequency conversion control system, one set of temperature control system and automatic recoil system

Typical application fields:

1. Pharmaceutical: desalination and concentration of antibiotic resin solution, vitamin concentration, etc

2. Dyestuff: desalting concentration, instead of salting out and acid out

3. Amino acids: decolorization, impurity removal, concentration and desalination

4. Food: separation and purification of oligosaccharide and starch sugar, concentration and separation of juice, plant extraction

5. Mother liquor recovery: removing impurities from monosodium glutamate mother liquor and glucose crystallization mother liquor

6. Extract: clarification and filtration of animal and plant extracts

7. Traditional Chinese medicine: clarification and filtration of traditional Chinese medicine extract

8. Condiment: sterilization, clarification and filtration of soy sauce and vinegar

Bona technology advantage:

1. Independent completion of a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment project engineering, rich experience;

2. We have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application, with many years of technical development and engineering practice;

3. Professional technical support, door-to-door guidance for installation and debugging;

4. Perfect customer service system, regular return visit, guaranteed equipment quality;

5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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