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Ceramic plate membrane reactor

Product Details

Ceramic plate membrane reactor(BONA-DJ37-8TCM)

technical parameter:

Minimum circulation volume: 7L;

Working pressure: 0-0.1mpa;

Allowable working temperature: 5-80 ℃ ° C;

Pump power: 150W;

PH: 0-14;

Filtration rate: 1-20l / h;

Filtration area: 0.1m2;

Filtration mode: forward filtration + backwashing;

Number of membrane modules: 2;

Membrane module material: ceramic;

Equipment features and process introduction

1. All stainless steel welding adopts automatic argon filling protection, single side welding and double side forming, and the internal and external surface quality of the pipeline is excellent. The chassis can be opened flexibly to facilitate equipment maintenance;

2. Two 10L membrane tanks are set, and one membrane is used in each tank; Each membrane is equipped with a diaphragm pump with adjustable speed (pressure);

3. The membrane module has a filtration area of 0.1m2 and a filtration precision of 100nm, which is suitable for the pretreatment of various wastewater. It has high filtration precision and low pollution to membrane components;

4. The system is equipped with a backwashing system, which can set the program to backwash the membrane elements regularly according to the requirements, reduce the fouling, increase the filtration flux, and explore the test parameters;

5. The aeration pump is equipped with a pressure control valve to regulate the aeration rate, followed by a flowmeter;

6. It can be used with the organic membrane filtration system to further filter and concentrate the effluent of the system, improve the effluent quality and meet the discharge standard;

7. The equipment is equipped with flow sensor and recorder, which can test and record the flux of permeate;

8. The equipment is equipped with universal wheel, easy to move, easy to filter and clean;

9. The membrane element can be disassembled for physical and chemical cleaning;

10. With automatic overpressure protection function, overpressure automatic shutdown, safe operation;

11. Diaphragm pump and aeration pump are controlled intermittently by time relay;

12. The upper end of each membrane tank is provided with a water inlet (which can be connected to the peristaltic pump), and the bottom end is provided with a concentrated liquid outlet (which can be connected to the peristaltic pump).

Bona technology advantage:

1. Independent completion of a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment project engineering, rich experience;

2. We have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application, with many years of technical development and engineering practice;

3. Professional technical support, door-to-door guidance for installation and debugging;

4. Perfect customer service system, regular return visit, guaranteed equipment quality;

5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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