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Automatic collection system for high pressure flat membrane experimental equipment

Product Details

Product introduction

The high pressure flat membrane experimental equipment produced by Shandong Bona Biological Technology Group Co., Ltd. can be replaced with microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, seawater / brackish water desalination membrane, which is suitable for all kinds of membrane testing and research, and filtration of a small amount of materials. It is widely used in the fields of biology, pharmacy, food, chemical industry and environmental protection, and in the process experiments of concentration, separation, purification, clarification and sterilization. According to the requirements of the experiment, we can customize different sizes of circular or square membrane tanks, with customized automatic collection system.

Automatic collection system for high pressure flat membrane experimental equipment

Basic technical parameters:

1. Electronic balance: 0.01-300g; Quantity: 9 (can be customized);

2. Electronic recorder: r6000c;

3. PH value: 0-14;

4. Pressure sensor: 0-10mpa;

5. Temperature sensor: 0-100 ℃;

6. Material output pump: Q: 30L / h;

Introduction of system design:

1. Sampling setup

0 s-3600 s, which can meet the requirements of small penetrant, and can run continuously for a long time (more than 30 days, there will be 5-10 minutes error in continuous sampling for a long time, which will be eliminated after restart). The interval may not be recorded but sampled all the time.

2. Conductivity

The conductivity meter is equipped with a beaker with a sampling speed of 10ml (0.09-1.5ml / min). The conductivity reading is small and the liquid is about 4ml

The range of conductivity meter is 9 0-3000us / cm (test permeate) and 2 0-100ms / cm (test stock liquid in material barrel).

3. Weight

The weighing range of the balance is 0.01-300g, 9 sets.

The balance is equipped with two sets of beakers (10ml and 100ml) for switching to meet the requirements of short-term sampling quality and cumulative sampling weighing.


The pH meter can measure the range of 0-14, 2 sets, and test the pH value of raw water in the material tank.

5. Pressure

There are 7 pressure sensors with the range of 0-10mpa.

6. Pump

There are 2 material delivery pumps with 18 pump heads. Two sets of pumps can be selected: automatic mode (two sets of pumps run in turn), after the test, the permeate can be returned to the raw material tank. Manual mode (the front pump is running, the liquid level of the second pump reaches 90% of the beaker, and it will be automatically started and discharged back to the material tank). The working part of the pump is not exposed, and the protective cover is provided for protection.

It is easy to disassemble by using quick insertion method (capillary tube is used from the membrane pool to the equipment beaker, and ordinary silicone tube is used as the pump pipe, so as to facilitate the quick pumping back of the pump).

7. Display screen

The display screen can display the weight and conductivity of permeate, conductivity, pH and temperature of stock solution, and 7 pressures (inlet and outlet pressure and total inlet pressure of three sets of pipelines) in real time. Can record each data and form a curve, can be external computer and U disk export.

Main components

There are 2 sets of material output pumps, 9 sets of electronic balance 0.01-300g, 1 set of 28 channel electronic recorder, md120-24 24v5a supporting electrical instruments, 18 beakers, 1 set of time relay and conductivity meter1 set, pressure sensorThere are 7 sets of temperature sensor, 2 sets of pH meter, matching pipeline, rack, ring clamp joint, 2 material tank covers and 3 sets of liquid level sensor.

Bona technology advantage

1. Independent completion of a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment project engineering, rich experience;

2. We have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application, with many years of technical development and engineering practice;

3. Professional technical support, door-to-door guidance for installation and debugging;

4. Perfect customer service system, regular return visit, guaranteed equipment quality;

5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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