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Two-stage membrane separation experimental machine (DMJ60-2)

Product Details

Two-stage membrane separation experimental machine (DMJ60-2)

Product description:

The secondary membrane separation test machine (DMJ60-2) can be replaced with ceramic membrane elements, organic microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membrane elements. It can realize single-stage filtration or multi-stage continuous simultaneous filtration; at the same time, ceramic membrane filtration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration membranes can be started at the same time, and reverse osmosis membranes can complete clarification and filtration of product solutions, graded ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration concentration Desalination, dealcoholization, reverse osmosis concentration; the finished product solution is collected in sections according to molecular weight within the same time period, and the whole process is continuously controllable; the concentrated liquid and Qingye are collected separately.


Two-stage membrane separation experimental machine(DMJ60-2)

Technical parameter:
Minimum circulation volume: 0.2L/1L
Working pressure: 0-6.5Mpa
Allowable working temperature: 5-55℃
Pump power: 1500W
PH scope of application: 2-12
Filtration rate: 0.5-20L/H
Machine material: stainless steel
Material tank: 1.1L
Equipment size: 880 (length) x580 (width) x1300 (height) mm

Product features and process introduction:
1. All stainless steel welding adopts automatic argon filling protection, single-sided welding and double-sided forming. The inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are of good quality. Simple operation, clean and hygienic, safe and reliable.
2. Ceramic membranes, organic microfiltration membranes, organic ultrafiltration membranes, organic nanofiltration membranes, organic reverse osmosis membranes can be installed at the same time. The product solution can be filtered according to molecular weight and collected in sections within the same time period. Concentration, the whole process is continuous and controllable.
3. It can realize single-stage filtration or two-stage continuous simultaneous filtration. Each stage can be individually replaced with different membrane elements, which is easy to disassemble.
4. The permeate and concentrated night are collected separately.
5. Equipped with overpressure protection, the highest pressure can be set, and the use process is absolutely safe.
6. Equipped with a frequency conversion control system, which can adjust the pressure and flow rate by frequency conversion.

Basic configuration:
Two electromagnetic diaphragm pumps, one high-pressure plunger pump, one ceramic membrane membrane shell, one reverse osmosis membrane membrane shell, one ceramic membrane element, one organic microfiltration membrane element, one organic ultrafiltration membrane element, organic nano One filter membrane element, one reverse osmosis membrane element, four pressure gauges, two material tanks, one electrical control system, one frequency conversion control system, one overpressure automatic protection system, piping racks, valves and There are several connecting pipes.
Choose ceramic membrane elements and organic membrane elements according to experimental requirements

Optional ceramic membrane element models: 50nm, 100nm, 200nm, 400nm, 600nm, 800nm, 1um, 1.2um, 1.5um, 2um, 30nm (200KD), 20nm (150KD), 12nm (100KD), 10nm (20KD), 5nm (8000D), 3nm (2000D)
Filter area of ​​ceramic membrane element: 0.08M2
The organic membrane element adopts the imported membrane element, and the organic membrane element complies with the US FDA, 3-A, USDA sanitary standards.
Filter area of ​​organic membrane element: 0.4M2

Optional organic membrane element model:

Optional organic membrane element model:

Bona technical advantages:
1. Independently completed a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment projects, with rich experience;
2. Have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application with many years of technology development and engineering practice;
3. Professional technical support can be provided on-site to guide installation and commissioning;
4. Complete customer service system, regular return visits, and equipment quality is guaranteed;
5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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