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Ceramic membrane filtration system(BNCM19-4-A)

Product Details

Product description:

The ceramic membrane filtration system (bncm19-4-a) is a manual production equipment, which is composed of four 19 core membrane modules, each of which contains 19 membrane components. It can be used for the production of concentration, separation, purification, clarification and other processes of feed liquid. This set of equipment can be replaced with 5nm-150onm ceramic membrane elements, and the model of membrane elements is bnm30-19-4-1200. The main components of the system include feed pump, circulating pump, slag pump, ceramic membrane module, control cabinet and system pipeline, circulating tank, cleaning tank, etc.


Technical parameters of equipment:

Filtration area:21.8m2/set;

working temperature:0-90℃;

working pressure:0-0.5MPa;

Maximum withstand pressure:1.0MPa;

Tolerance pH value:0-14;

Length of membrane element:1200±0.2mm;

Outer diameter of membrane element:Φ30mm±0.3mm;

Flow channel size:19通道×4mm;

Outer diameter of membrane element seal:Φ30mm±0.1mm;

Minimum circulating volume:150L(Customizable);

Pump power:20KW;

Filter component material:SS316L;

control mode:automatic

Electricity demand:three-phase/380V/50Hz/20KW/Reserved according to factory standard system

Product features and process introduction:


The system adopts the structural design of the body, and pry the structure. There is no sanitary corner on the surface of the equipment to meet the requirements of GMP.

Except for seals, the main equipment is made of SS316L stainless steel.

It adopts automatic argon filling protection, single side welding and double side forming, all welds are polished, smooth and flat, surface finish RA < 1.0um, fillet weld, external butt weld and nozzle end are polished smoothly

The internal welding seam is polished flush, the internal and external surface quality of the pipeline is excellent, the operation is simple, clean and sanitary, safe and reliable.

2、Pump body

Domestic high-quality SS316 stainless steel centrifugal pump is selected as the circulating pump to ensure the pressure and flow required by the membrane filtration system. The pump has the advantages of stable operation, reliable performance, strong corrosion resistance and convenient installation and maintenance.

3、Can body

The system shall be equipped with one 500L cleaning tank and one 2000L circulating tank. According to the needs of production and automation control, the reserved pipes, valves and reserved holes shall be designed.

4、Membrane components

The pilot scale and pilot scale experiments show that the membrane filtration system components are made of Bona high-quality ceramic membrane components with strong anti pollution ability, stable flux and easy cleaning. The device can be replaced with ceramic membrane elements of 5nm-1500nm.

5、Sealing element

According to many years of relevant engineering experience and pilot test of Bona company, PTFE material is selected as the hard sealing material for system pipes and valves, and PTFE + EPDM is selected as the membrane module seal, which is acid and alkali resistant.

No foreign matter falling off, no pollution to equipment and products, can ensure the sealing stability and safety of the system.

6、Control system

The system adopts man-machine Chinese display panel, which can display the actual operation of the unit. The operation of membrane system is monitored and controlled by touch screen, and Ethernet interface is reserved in the control system to realize network monitoring. The filtration and cleaning process can be controlled automatically or manually.

In the automatic control, the system automatically adjusts the pressure, and the membrane group runs at the same time to realize the working process.

Through the touch screen to achieve manual control of the system, the design has operation mode, cleaning mode, shutdown protection and other automatic control mode.

7、Automatic control process

The system can display the working pressure, meteor, temperature, liquid level of storage tank, pump operation or stop status, valve switch status, operation mode, operation status and alarm information in real time; The operation frequency of circulating pump and feed pump can be set and displayed. The equipment operation history can be traced, and the data shall be kept for at least 24 months.

8、Safety device

The system monitors all safety related parameters in real-time operation, has self-protection function, can make corresponding response or automatic shutdown protection according to different situations, beeps alarm, alarm information can accurately record fault location and cause, and alarm record can be traced. The system is equipped with an emergency stop button. When it is pressed, the system will stop immediately. When it is reset, the device will enter the standby state.

Basic equipment configuration

One circulating pump, one feed pump, four groups of membrane components, 76 membrane components, one cleaning tank, one circulating tank, one electric control valve, two sampling valves, two meteor meters, one thermometer, one pressure gauge, three pressure sensors, one liquid level sensor, one temperature sensor, one control system, one security filter and one pipeline system, Equipment support, valve, chain clip and its connector.

Application areas:
Food and beverage: Sterilization, clarification and filtration of wine, beer, cider, juice
Condiments: Sterilization, clarification and filtration of soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
Bioengineering: clarification and filtration of biological fermentation broth; clarification and filtration of plant extracts
Medical engineering: purification, concentration and separation of vitamins, penicillin, cephalosporin C, erythromycin, etc.; clarification and filtration of traditional Chinese medicine extracts
Petrochemical metallurgy: clarification, filtration and impurity removal of heavy metals, strong acids and strong alkaline solutions
Environmental protection engineering: oily emulsion wastewater treatment and various sewage treatment; landfill leachate MBR process; various waste acid and waste alkali recovery pretreatment


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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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