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Organic nanofiltration membrane industrial equipment

Product Details

Product description:

Nanofiltration membrane, as the name implies, refers to a membrane with "nano-scale pores", which is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, and has a certain rejection rate for inorganic salts, and the molecular weight cutoff for organics is optional from 200 to 1000 Dalton.

Traditional centrifugal separation, vacuum concentration, multi-effect thin film evaporation, freeze concentration and other processes restrict the improvement of product quality to varying degrees. At the same time, product cost cannot be effectively controlled. It has been gradually eliminated and replaced by new ones. Nanofiltration membrane technology.


Organic nanofiltration membrane industrial equipment



Features of nanofiltration membrane industrial equipment:
1. The core membrane element adopts the original imported organic membrane, combined with the process technical requirements and the specific needs of the user, the membrane forms of different configurations are selected to ensure the retention performance of the membrane elements in the different systems, the membrane flux and the stability of the entire membrane system operation. reliability.
2. Bona's nanofiltration membrane system can simultaneously realize the desalination and concentration of materials under lower operating pressure, and the production cycle is short, the desalination is more thorough, the product obtained has high purity and good quality stability.
3. According to the specific needs of customers, the permeate that has passed through the nanofiltration membrane can be recovered, and the membrane element can be restored to the best performance of the membrane element after professional cleaning, fully realizing the economic efficiency of the membrane equipment.
4. The treatment process is always at room temperature, and there is no phase change in the process, and there is no adverse effect on the effective components in the material. It is especially suitable for the treatment of heat-sensitive substances. The resulting product has a high content of effective ingredients and can continue to enter the next stage according to the process requirements. Work section or direct drying treatment.
5. The system adopts fully enclosed pipeline operation and is made of sanitary stainless steel. The work site is safe and hygienic, and can meet GMP or FDA standardized production requirements.
6. Since the system has no phase change during processing and is always at room temperature, it has low energy consumption and low operating costs.
7. High degree of process integration, reasonable layout, automatic control, online monitoring of important process parameters, and system operation status at any time, professional field engineers will provide you with the latest information on system maintenance at any time.



Application areas of nanofiltration membrane industrial equipment:
1. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries: concentration and refinement of various proteins, amino acids, vitamins, milk, wine, soy sauce, condiments, etc.
2. Chemical process: concentration and separation of aqueous solution, such as desalination of chemical and dye aqueous solution.
3. Softening water treatment: softening and desalting brackish water
4. Drinking water treatment: remove all kinds of organic matter and harmful chemical substances
5. Reclaimed water and wastewater treatment: domestic sewage treatment, papermaking bleaching wastewater treatment, etc.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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