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Reverse osmosis membrane industrial equipment

Product Details

Product description:

The reverse osmosis membrane is the core element to realize reverse osmosis, and it is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics made of simulating biological semi-permeable membrane. Generally made of polymer materials. Such as cellulose acetate film, aromatic polyhydrazide film, aromatic polyamide film. The diameter of the surface micropores is generally between 0.5 and 10 nm, and the permeability is related to the chemical structure of the membrane itself. Some polymer materials have good repellency to salt, but the water penetration rate is not good. The chemical structure of some polymer materials has more hydrophilic groups, so the water penetration rate is relatively fast. Therefore, a satisfactory reverse osmosis membrane should have an appropriate amount of permeation or salt rejection rate.

The structure of reverse osmosis membrane includes two types: asymmetric membrane and homogeneous membrane. The membrane materials currently used are mainly cellulose acetate and aromatic polyamides. Its components are hollow fiber type, roll type, plate and frame type and tube type. It can be used for separation, concentration, purification and other chemical unit operations, mainly used in pure water preparation and water treatment industries.

Features of reverse osmosis membrane industrial equipment:
1. It should have an efficient desalination rate under high flow rate;
2. Has high mechanical strength and service life;
3. Can function under lower operating pressure;
4. Can withstand the influence of chemical or biochemical effects;
5. Less affected by factors such as pH and temperature;
The source of raw materials for film making is easy, the processing is simple and the cost is low.


Reverse osmosis membrane industrial equipment



Application fields of reverse osmosis membrane industrial equipment:
Power industry: boiler make-up water, cooling dam
Electronics industry: ultrapure water for semiconductor industry, integrated circuit cleaning water, formulation water
Food industry: formula water, production water
Beverage industry: formula water, production water, washing water
Pharmaceutical industry: Process water, preparation water, washing water, injection water, sterile water preparation
Chemical industry: production water, wastewater treatment
Drinking water engineering: ultrapure water preparation, drinking water purification
Petrochemical industry: advanced treatment of oilfield injection water and petrochemical wastewater
Seawater desalination: water for production and living in island areas, coastal water-deficient areas, ships, seawater oil fields, etc.
Material concentration: concentration of various industrial materials such as amino acids, antibiotics, tea juice, fruit juice, etc.



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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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