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Hollow fiber membrane industrial equipment

Product Details

Product description:

The hollow fiber membrane looks like a fiber and has a self-supporting effect. It is a kind of asymmetric membrane. Its dense layer can be located on the outer surface of the fiber (such as reverse osmosis membrane) or the inner surface of the fiber (such as microfiltration membrane). , Nanofiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane). For gas separation membranes, the dense layer can be located on the inner surface or the outer surface.

Hollow fiber membrane is made of polysulfone and dimethylacetamide as raw materials, processed into a hollow inner cavity fiber filament, and then divided by a high permeability polymer, which has selective permeability characteristics. When the liquid flows in the axial direction under a certain pressure, the small solutes smaller than the micropores will pass through the wall of the fiber with the solvent (such as water) as the permeate, while the solutes larger than the micropores (such as bacteria, E. coli) , Viruses, pyrogens, colloids, suspended particles and other macromolecular substances, etc.) are intercepted to achieve the purpose of separation, purification, and concentration.

Hollow fiber membrane industrial equipment is widely used in biology, pharmacy, food, blood products, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields.


Hollow fiber membrane industrial equipment


Features of hollow fiber membrane industrial equipment:
1. It is carried out at room temperature, with mild conditions and no component damage, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials;
2. It can meet the filtration requirements of customers with different precisions, and the pore size distribution is uniform, which can realize the purification and concentration of the effective components of the material liquid;
3. The system is designed for cross-flow operation, no filter aid is added, no new impurities are introduced, and the problem of pollution and blockage is completely solved;
4. Modular design of the system, convenient replacement of filter materials, design of online regeneration cleaning and sewage discharge devices, reducing labor intensity and production costs, and improving production efficiency;
5. The system is simple to operate, short in process, easy to clean and maintain;
6. The use of stainless steel sanitary materials meets QS quality standards;
7. The membrane filter element has a large filling area and a small system area, which is convenient for technical improvement, expansion or new projects, and effectively reduces investment costs and production costs.

Specific application of hollow fiber membrane industrial equipment:
Water treatment: mineral water purification, production and domestic water purification; medical water sterilization; papermaking, electroplating and chemical pollution; industrial water treatment and recycling; urban sewage reuse;
Medicine: separation and refining of traditional Chinese medicine extracts; separation and refining of blood products; concentration and separation of biopharmaceuticals;
Juice drinks: tea drinks and fruit juice drinks are clarified, filtered and concentrated;
Chemical textiles: machine-added cutting fluid and steel rolling coolant oil and water separation; textile desizing wastewater, emulsion separation.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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