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Automatic control diaphragm test system

Product Details

Product description:

The main components of the automatic control diaphragm test system include feed pumps, membrane tanks, material tanks and their control systems. The automatic control membrane testing system produced by Shandong Bona Biological Technology Group Co., Ltd. can be replaced with microfiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, nanofiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, seawater/britterwater desalination membranes, and is suitable for various membrane testing researches. , Filtration and separation of a small amount of materials, teaching demonstration and experimental research. It is widely used in the fields of biology, pharmacy, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., used in the process experiments of concentration, separation, purification, clarification, and sterilization of liquid materials. Round or square membrane cells of different sizes can be customized according to experimental requirements.


Automatic control diaphragm test system


Product parameters:
Adapt to working temperature: 5-55℃
Operating pressure: 0~7MPa
Minimum circulation volume: 5.0L
Adapt to PH value range: 2-12
Tank capacity: 20L (jacket)
Diameter of single membrane pool: 4.0cm*8.0cm (can be customized)
Equipment size: 1650 (length) x900 (width) x1550 (height) mm

Product features and process introduction:
1. The internal and external surfaces of the pipeline are of high quality, and the whole set of equipment materials do not have any welding points in contact with the pipeline, ensuring the pressure and corrosion resistance of the equipment. Simple operation, clean and hygienic, safe and reliable;
2. The pump adopts a pressure sensing system and a frequency conversion control system, which can adjust the pressure and flow rate by frequency conversion, and can set the maximum pressure to achieve automatic protection against overpressure. The use process is absolutely safe;
3. The membrane tank is designed to be square, with a special flow channel design and a water distributor to ensure that the pressure and flow at each point of the membrane are stable and consistent;
4. Design based on fluid dynamics to ensure the tangential flow and turbulence of the membrane pool and ensure the reliability and stability of the test data;
5. Microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane can be installed;
6. A 20L material tank can be connected to a high and low temperature circulation device for temperature control;
7. The equipment is equipped with an electronic digital pressure gauge with an accuracy of 0.4% FS, which can accurately record and test high-pressure and low-pressure data to ensure the accuracy of the data and overcome the shortcomings of low precision of the mechanical pressure gauge. The pressure gauge can be directly connected to the computer for data recording;
8. The membrane tank adopts a two-series two-membrane tank structure, which can install different membranes at the same time and perform simultaneous tests to ensure the consistency of the feed flow and state;
9. Online testing of inlet water temperature, inlet water pressure, concentrated water pressure, inlet water conductivity, product water conductivity, product water flow, concentrated water flow, water tank pH, etc. The required data of the measurement items shall be transmitted to the supporting computer system. The calculation software that comes with the computer completes the conversion; it can realize unmanned monitoring and automatic operation.

Main configuration components:
One high-pressure plunger pump, one pre-filter, two SUS316L membrane pools, two electronic digital pressure gauges, two material tanks, one pressure regulating valve, several pipes and their connections, one set of racks, One set of overpressure control system, one set of overtemperature control system, one set of frequency conversion digital display control system, one set of low temperature circulation system, two sets of electronic balance, two sets of pressure transmitters, one set of temperature transmitters, and conductivity meter Three sets, one set of accumulator.

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Bona technical advantages:
1. Independently complete a number of domestic and foreign membrane equipment projects with rich experience;
2. Have a group of senior engineers in membrane engineering application with many years of technology development and engineering practice;
3. Professional technical support can be provided on-site to guide installation and commissioning;
4. Complete customer service system, regular return visits, and equipment quality is guaranteed;
5. The company has a service center to provide you with fast, efficient and affordable instrument maintenance services.

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Address: Block D, Century Fortune Center, High-tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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