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The prospect of membrane separation technology

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2017/10/12 20:13
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Membrane separation technology is a major reform of the traditional extraction and separation technology of traditional Chinese medicine. It greatly improves the quality of Chinese traditional medicine preparations. It will definitely promote the modernization of Chinese medicine in my country, promote the rapid development of the traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry, and bring benefits to the country and society. Huge economic and social benefits. The application of membrane separation technology in the separation and concentration of traditional Chinese medicines, everyone knows that due to the complex chemical components of traditional Chinese medicines, the production of traditional Chinese medicines has the characteristics of complex processes, low separation and purification efficiency of traditional processes, high costs, and serious pollution. The advanced membrane separation technology has attracted more and more attention from researchers in traditional Chinese medicine production due to its energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection. The application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of Chinese medicine has many advantages that traditional methods cannot match.
The advantages are as follows:
     1. Physical separation, no organic reagents, no chemical reaction; no heating, suitable for separation of heat-sensitive substances;
     2. High efficiency, low environmental pollution; high separation selectivity, can realize automatic continuous production, and meet the modern production needs of traditional Chinese medicine;
     Membrane separation technology, as a new technology that rose rapidly after the 1960s, has shown strong vitality and competitiveness in terms of technological progress, product structure adjustment, energy saving and pollution prevention. In terms of wastewater treatment, membrane separation method can not only effectively treat wastewater and achieve discharge standards, but also recover useful substances, improve water utilization and energy utilization, and has very broad application prospects. However, the current development and application of membrane technology are restricted by problems such as membrane fouling and clogging of membrane pores, high prices of membrane products, high one-time investment in membrane separation equipment, and post-treatment technologies for concentrated liquid and retentate. Only when these problems are better solved, membrane separation can be widely used in wastewater treatment.
     In short, membrane separation technology has been recognized internationally as the most promising high-tech in the future, and one of the most energy-saving material separation and concentration technologies that people have mastered.