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Jinan High-tech Zone: Building a 100 billion-level biomedical industry cluster

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2020/10/27 18:35
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Recently, in the National Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the main body of the R&D building for the two major projects of the National Comprehensive New Drug R&D Platform and the National Innovative Drug Incubation Base has been capped. Taking this as an opportunity, Jinan High-tech Zone will strive to cultivate a 100-billion-level biopharmaceutical industry cluster in 3-5 years and form a domestic first-class and world-renowned "Jinan Medicine Valley".
     According to Wang Siguo, director of Jinan High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center, the two 33-story twin towers are expected to enable enterprises to settle in early next year, and they will become the core carrier of future new drug research and development in the province. After completion, they can attract more than 300 enterprises to settle in. At present, more than 30 companies have reached an intention to settle in. The "Major new drug creation" science and technology major project is one of the 16 major projects determined by the State Council in accordance with the "National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan 2006-2020". At the end of 2009 and early 2010, the national comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform and the national innovative drug incubation base in this major project have successively settled in Jinan High-tech Zone.
     The national comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform includes 12 unit sub-platforms. Among them, 8 unit sub-platforms have been built in Shandong University and other units and gradually gathered in Jinan High-tech Zone, and the other 4 professional technology platforms will be newly built in the High-tech Zone. The National Innovative Drug Incubation Base will focus on gathering domestic and foreign famous brands, well-known enterprises, research and development institutions and group headquarters. In June this year, the big platform passed the national appraisal. During the construction of the platform, 50 national new drug certificates were obtained, including 23 new drug certificates above 3.1.
      In order to better industrialize R&D and pilot-scale results, the High-tech Zone plans to build a 10,000-mu biomedical industrial park in the Lianghe area of ​​Sun Village, gathers the development of the biomedical industry, and undertakes industrialization projects for the transformation of large platform results. The industry is divided into SME development zone and large enterprise development zone. Among them, the SME expansion area is subdivided into biological medicine production area, chemical medicine production area, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine production area, and medical device production area according to industry. The purpose is to create a "Jinan Medicine Valley" for the gathering of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises and supporting marketing and logistics. .
     Shandong is a major pharmaceutical province, with its pharmaceutical output value ranking first in the country for eight consecutive years. Jinan's pharmaceutical industry, with the high-tech zone as its core cluster, plays a pivotal role in the province's pharmaceutical industry. Especially in the past two years, the biomedical industry in the high-tech zone has been supported by the national comprehensive new drug research and development technology platform, the national innovative drug incubation base as the carrier, and the biomedical industry park as the support of the "one platform, one base, one park" layout. It's just showing up. This will strongly promote the development of Jinan's pharmaceutical R&D and industry, greatly enhance its radiation and influence, and accelerate Shandong's progress from a "large pharmaceutical province" to a "strong pharmaceutical province".