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Bone Broth/Bone Element/Bone Peptide

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2019/08/27 17:07
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Bone soup/osteum is rich in protein components (osteopeptide after enzymatic hydrolysis), which can be used as a food additive after filtration and concentration.

Bone soup/osteum is rich in protein components (osteopeptide after enzymatic hydrolysis), which can be used as a food additive after filtration and concentration. It has been widely used in food and health care products. Under normal circumstances, raw materials such as pork bones, beef bones, sheep bones, chicken bones, and fish bones are crushed and then steamed. After the initial precipitation/centrifugation of the steamed bone broth, a milky white bone broth stock solution can be obtained (after enzymatic hydrolysis) Osteopeptide stock solution), traditional bone soup stock solution needs to be centrifuged to remove oil and impurities in a multistage centrifuge, and the filtrate obtained is a turbid liquid, which is not clear enough. The centrifugal process has high energy consumption, labor costs, and is not easy to be automated.

Shandong Bona Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of membrane separation and concentration technology and the production of membrane equipment. It has developed an integrated process of membrane filtration and membrane concentration to replace the traditional process. First, membrane filtration technology is used to pre-process bone soup stock. Treatment, remove colloid, grease, bone residue and other impurities, retain most of the active ingredients such as protein in the bone broth, and then send the filtrate to the membrane concentration equipment for concentration. The bone broth can be concentrated more than 10 times and the protein content is more than 40%. By optimizing the selection of membrane cores of membrane concentration equipment, our company doubled the concentration speed, and realized the automatic process of bone broth filtration and concentration, effectively reducing the energy cost of concentration.


Process characteristics:

1. Membrane filtration pretreatment, can withstand high temperature, the bone broth does not need to be cooled, reducing energy consumption;

2. The filtrate obtained from the pretreatment is clear and transparent, the quality of the filtrate is high, and the pretreatment effect is good;

3. The membrane concentration process can withstand high temperature and reduce energy consumption;

4. The imported membrane elements are selected for membrane concentration with stable quality, high concentration efficiency, high concentration multiple and good product quality;

5. Optimize the selection of membrane core during the membrane concentration process, with high production efficiency;

6. There is no phase change in the whole process, which effectively retains nutrients and effective ingredients

7. The whole process does not need to add chemicals, no pollution, is a green environmental protection technology

8. Optimized system design, low total energy consumption, low operating cost, simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance;

9. The system is automatically controlled to complete integrated data processing and online monitoring, which reduces labor intensity.

Comparison chart of bone broth treatment:

Bone Broth/Bone Element/Bone Peptide

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